Saturday, October 25, 2008

25 October

Jacob isnt doign better but he's not doing worse either. I think tho, from what she says that he is really making improvements. She sounded really optimistic of his outcome. She said last night they had him on his belly & he kept pushing himself up! Not for very long but for a second he'd push up with his tiny arms & knees and get his chest all the way off the bedding! They also had to move his IV to his head because he kept yankin at it & the nurses were afraid he'd pull it out. SOUNDS LIKE PROGRESS TO ME! She said when the nurse put him on his side he started kicking & stretching out his little arms!


Fanta Mommy said...

i'm praying for you little man! you can do it, your mommy is rooting for ya! show her you can do it!!!

Rhonda Rae said...

still prayin.

Karin said...

yai, what a strong little guy! I'll continue to pray for him.