Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October 29, 2008

I dont have good news. Luckily Jacob is still with us but he's got an infection in his blood (I believe she said yeast?), his poor little heart isnt doing well & because of the blood infection he cannot have surgery, he is having seizures whenever the nurses touch him. She also told me that as of today he has gained 10 oz of fluid because he cannot pee. His brain is swelling, his whole body is swelling. His kidneys are starting to shut down. I know that God does everything for a reason & if he takes this baby he has a reason for it. I'm just praying that Jacob is just not having a good week and that he'll continue to fight for his life. Doctors are telling them that keeping him alive is just prolonging the inevitable. Which I do not believe. I've seen God work miracles. I know if its in his plan he can save this baby. I'm trying to keep her spirit up and tell her she has got to keep her faith in God but its hard. I know it is hard for her, I cannot even imagine being in her shoes but she's got nothin if she doesnt have faith..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October 28

Not sure if I posted this already or not but the last time I talked to Brooke she said that Jacob was laying on his tummy & pushing himself up! He lifted his chest all the way up off his bed! So she asked the nurse if maybe he was uncomfortable & she said he posisbly could be, he'd been laying down on his tummy for a couple hours. So she put him on his side & he just strrrretched out his arms & legs & went to kickin away! He is still in critical condition, but stable. His vitals are all remaining the same. His brain is still bleeding but the good news out of all that is that he is NOT getting worse!! Get to prayin' y'all, he still needs it!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

25 October

Jacob isnt doign better but he's not doing worse either. I think tho, from what she says that he is really making improvements. She sounded really optimistic of his outcome. She said last night they had him on his belly & he kept pushing himself up! Not for very long but for a second he'd push up with his tiny arms & knees and get his chest all the way off the bedding! They also had to move his IV to his head because he kept yankin at it & the nurses were afraid he'd pull it out. SOUNDS LIKE PROGRESS TO ME! She said when the nurse put him on his side he started kicking & stretching out his little arms!

Tuesday 21 October

The doctors called Brooke & Nick & wanted them to come to the hospital for a talk. Jacob has a lot of bleeding in his brain. If the bleeding continues it can cause major issues with his heart, lungs, ect. Right now everything is under control, they are going to do another scan of his brain tomorrow. I KNOW God can do miracles.

Day #3

Just got off the phone with Brooke. She's doing pretty good. She technically can be discharged today but her doctor told her if she keeps feeling "dizzy" to let him know, lol. He's trying to buy her a couple more days so she can spend as much time with Jacob. No really new news. He's still doing the same. My aunt (Jacob's grandmother) told me that on the 5th day they usually bottom out and thats when the doctors really have to fight to get him to stay with us. The fifth day will be on Monday so we'll see how that goes

Day #2

After 24 hours Jacob is still with us! I just got off the phone with Brooke. She doesnt want anyone taking pictures of him with a flash because it scares him. It scares him to the point that his vitals go way down. My heart really aches for her. When he cries, she cries. I try to tell her that him crying is a good thing. A lot of babies that early have difficulty crying because their lungs arent very developed. She is so depressed. I hope her doctors can give her something to calm her down soon. God is def. working with this babe!

Jacob Daniel Day 1

Jacob Daniel was born on October 16, 2008. He only weighed 1 lb 5 oz and was 12 inches long.

On Oct 15, Brooke had called me telling me she had pressure like pains in her lower abdomen and wanted to know if it was normal. I figured it was just ligament pains. Thats what my doctor had always told me. So I told her to sit down, put her feet up, and rest. If it continued to get worse, call your OBGYN or go to the ER. I remember specifically saying, "Its not like you are in labor or anything." Boy was I wrong!

October 16 0700- I get a phone call from my aunt. They took Brooke's baby. At that point they didnt know whether or not he was going to survive. Turns out she was in labor when she called. Later that night she finally went to the ER. She was dialated to a 7 and by the time her doctor got there she was a 10. Jacob's cord was in a knot. The doctor said that he probably would not survive if they were to do a vaginal birth so they rushed her in for an Emergency C-Section.
1903-Over 12 hours after the birth Brooke has yet to see Jacob. She has been really nauseous & throwing up because of the c-section. Everytime she sits up she gets dizzy so until she can sit up without feeling faint she wont be able to see him. Its really killing her that her baby is in the NICU fighting for his life & she hasnt even been able to see him in person yet. Her boyfriend has takin pictures but its still not the same as seeing your baby for the very first time. I was in my car earlier today & I heard the song called "The Voice of Truth", for those of you who dont know its a Christian song. When the part said, "The voice of truth says do not be afraid." I just bursted out in tears. I had been so afraid and worried for Jacob all day & at the time I really felt like God was talking to me personally. Like he wanted me to know that HE is in charge and that HE has Jacob in his arms. Since then I've not been worried about whether or not he is going to make it.
2331- Brooke finally got to see Jacob! I'm so excited for her. She cried the whole time I talked to her. She said he is the tiniest thing she's ever seen and that if she could hold him he'd fit in the palm of her hand! She said that he hasnt gotten any better, but he's not doing any worse either. I'm still praying so hard that this little man will be alright.