Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October 28

Not sure if I posted this already or not but the last time I talked to Brooke she said that Jacob was laying on his tummy & pushing himself up! He lifted his chest all the way up off his bed! So she asked the nurse if maybe he was uncomfortable & she said he posisbly could be, he'd been laying down on his tummy for a couple hours. So she put him on his side & he just strrrretched out his arms & legs & went to kickin away! He is still in critical condition, but stable. His vitals are all remaining the same. His brain is still bleeding but the good news out of all that is that he is NOT getting worse!! Get to prayin' y'all, he still needs it!


Claudia said...

Little Jacob Iknow ur going to be fine I believe in God and I know he have a special plan for u hang in there little angel.
God bless u.
Get well soon :)

Natcha said...

Sending my love and prayers to Jacob. Get well soon little one.

phatcakes25 said...

I am sending a strong prayer up to my father cause he is good and the best healer anyone can have..he is a strong little baby..my heart goes out to you all