Saturday, November 1, 2008

November 1, 2008

Recap over the last few days from my CafeMom blog (Over 1,000 replies & 18,000 views!)

OCTOBER 29-Good news!!! Jacob peed a lot today! lol Which means his kidneys ARE working!! He's going to get a blood transfusion & some tests run on his blood later on today!!! Keep prayin ladies!!

October 31-As far as I know Jacob is still doing "okay". So hopefully he'll pull through. I've heard the first month is the hardest & he is half way there! He was 2 weeks old yesterday!

November 1-I AM SO HAPPY!!! WHen I texted Brooke yesterday she said "His color looks better. He has regained his pinkness color. His blood transfusion went good today. His spinal is showing negative for infection but that wont be final until after five days. They are going to do a renal test and an ultra sound today to check and see how his kidneys are doing-if they are letting him put out everything that needs to be out. He's still a little swollen but its going down the more he uses the bathroom. Both nurses that were with him today say he hasnt had a seizure. They have the tube in his mouth adjusted so the big piece isnt bothering him anymore. When they put him on his back today (he had been on the tummy) his stats went up. He doesnt like laying on his belly too much! But both nurses have told me to keep in mind this is a roller coaster. It may drastically change anytime. I know when I went last night and found all that out I was just the happiest. And today he still looks good." That is such a relief to me that not only Jacob is doing well but his Mama is finally happy. I really do believe that God has a special plan for Jacob... please continue to pray that he continues to get better!!! He's a fighter & God has his hand over him so I know he's got a chance!!!

So thats the latest. Will update as soon as I know some more! Keep Praying!


~NJM said...

Jacob is in our prayers tonight... we're pulling for you little guy!

Melissa said...

Keep on fighting Jacob! :O